6th Battalion, 56th Artillery (HAWK)
459th Sig Det

      459th Signal Detachment (AD Sys Comm)
Tan Son Nhut Airbase Vietnam

459th Signal Detachment (AD Sys Comm)

The 459th Signal Detachment (Air Defense Systems Communications) was assigned to the 97th Artillery Group (AD). The 97th Artillery Group arrived in Vietnam on 30 September 1965.

Mission 459th Signal Detachment (AD Sys Comm)

 The mission of the 459th Signal Detachment (AS Sys Comm) was tactical and administrative communication support of the 97th Artillery Group (AD)

459th Signal Detachment Located at Tan Son Nhut Airbase

The Communication Center was located in the same building on Tan Son Nhut Airbase in the detachment area as the signal maintenance and the 459th Signal Detachment Headquarters, this greatly enhanced personnel utilization and control of the systems.

Shortage of Signal MOSs

During the period ending 31 July 1966 inexperienced replacements continued to arrive in the unit. These personnel (switchboard operators) required many hours of supervised on-the-job training in order to function effectively. This situation was aggravated by the fact that personnel in military occupational specialty (MOS) 31M (VHF and carrier operator), a critically short MOS, were used to train these individuals. During this period there was a shortage in most signal MOS assigned to the detachment.

Personnel Matters under the 97th Artillery Group (AD)

On 12 September 1966, the responsibility for personnel activities of the 459th Signal Detachment was removed from the 6th Battalion, 56th Artillery, and placed in the personnel section of the 97th Artillery Group (AD) Operational Report – Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 97th Artillery Group (AD) confidential

Detachment Commanders

1st Lt William R. Weinreich    1 August 1965 – 2 September 1966

2nd Lt Ronald L. Richards      3 September 1966 – 31 January 1967

2nd Lt David Mitchell              1 November 1967 – 31 January 1968

Stand Down and Inactivated 459th Signal Detachment (AD Sym Comm)

In accordance with USARV 568, dtd 20 Sep 68, as amended, the following units were inactivated:

Unit                                                                             Effective Date

HHB, 97th Arty Gp (AD), UIC: WC6S                                       25 Oct 68

79th Ord Det (HAWK) (GMGS), UIC: WB9Q                            25 Oct 68

459th Sig Det, UIC: WC5N                                                       25 Sep 68

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