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Reunion: Battery C, 6th Battalion, 56th Air Defense Artillery, Hahn Air Base Germany.
A reunion for anybody station at C Btry, 6th Bn., 56th ADA, Hahn Air Base Germany is being form now for September 2011. For more information contact: Richard Barker, rrbdebsrb@hotmail.com
HAWK Missile Unit Reunion

This message is update all on the progress of the reunion next year

Where: Washington DC

When: September 15 through September 19, 2011
Check in date is September 15th
Check out date is September 19th.

Hotel: I have narrowed it down to three (3) hotels. What I need from everyone is, if you are considering attending,(definitely, seriously or conditionally/thinking about it) to let me know by the end of January 2011. I need some numbers to toss around to the hotels to try and get the best possible rates. I don't have to give them exact numbers until 120 days out, but the numbers help.

Please spread the word to all your HAWK e-mail buddies that may be interested in coming. If you have never been to the DC area, it is an unique city with tons of things to do.

I also need suggestions for events/ places the group would like to do. As of now the only firm event will take place on Sunday morning and it will be for whoever from the group wants to attend. It will be travelling to The Vietnam War Memorial to help wash the wall. My understanding is that this a weekly event. I know some of us attending are Vietnam veterans, but almost all of us are Vietnam Era veterans. I think this would be a fitting tribute to our generations heroes.

I had listed in previous messages, some suggestions for things to do. They were just that suggestions, to get the creative juices flowing.

If you know of friends that want to attend, but think that because they were not "HAWK" MOS's they are not invited, nothing could be further from the truth, they, to are also welcome. The only requirement to attend is that you have served in a HAWK unit.

If your friends want to attend have them e-mail me their address to dwallison1@gmail.com.

Those of you that have my other address, please, use that for personal messages. This address is for the reunion only .

Hoping to hear from you all,

Dave Allison


BBQ Reunion Delta Battery 2nd Battalion, 1st  ADA, 32 AADCOM, Dichtelbach, Germany
    July 2nd to 9th 2011. Main event
 July 4 2011 At Dichtelbach Grill Hut in field near the launcher area.

Unit webpage: http://www.d21dichtelbach.com/


Gasthaus-Pension "Zum Felsenkeller"
Rheinboellener Str. 31, 55494 Dichtelbach, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 6764 / 3031790
Fax: +49 (0) 6764 / 30317928
Email: wilhelm@felsenkeller.de

Monday is our day off. For our overnight guests, the restaurant service is of course available.

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