6th Battalion, 56th Artillery (HAWK)
Saigon Today

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Today

Traditional Vietnamese Name

After Prey Nokor was settled by Vietnamese refugees from the north, in time it came to be known unofficially as Sài Gòn. There is much debate about the origins of the Vietnamese name, Sài Gòn, the etymology of which is analyzed below.

However, before the French colonization the official Vietnamese name of Saigon was Gia Ð?nh (Ch? Nôm: ??). In 1862, the French discarded this official name and adopted the name "Saigon", which had always been the popular name, although it was still written as ?? on sinitic maps until at least 1891.

Current Vietnamese name

Immediately after the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975, a provisional government renamed the city after H? Chí Minh, a former North Vietnamese leader.

A Battery, 6th Battalion, 56th Artillery (HAWK) was located in the Hoc Mon District of Gina Dinh Province (AT808029). A Battery forward was like a Fort Apache. During the first three weeks of Tet the battery was isolated and required resupply of rations, water, ammunition, and POL by helicopter.

The battery withstood all communist offensives, including the Tet offensive.


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